MurderFace (devil_x_j) wrote in andrew_w_k,


It's time to stand up and say fuck no! NO MORE! I'm not taking anymore shit. The movie and music industries must pay. Suing people for downloading music and movies is bullshit! I say we boycott these fucks! If it wasn't for us the fans they'd have no money at all and this is how they treat us? Download what you can steal cds sneak into movies anyway you can rip these assholes off. Don't let them take your money anymore!!!
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In Canada we pay a premiun on recordable media, we have since the days of blank audio tapes. This sorta means that they have no stading.

by the way the "music industry" might not be as committed as you think to going after people. I believe Sony (as and example) makes more money of recordable media and cd burners etc then it does from the music industry directly.

just my $0.02